Bankers Gone Bonkers Slots

Most people have been to a bank before. If you've seen one, you've sort of seen them all. They are typically quiet places with ropes that create an area for people to stand in line. You've seen the tellers and you know that somewhere in the back, there's a vault. But you haven't seen a bank much like the one in Bankers Gone Bonkers Slots. In this game, the bankers are acting out and the money is up for grabs. Find out how much of it you can grab when you play this game.

A Weird Day at the Bank

This game puts you at the corner of a city street. Oddly, everything on the street is pretty quiet. That's because all the exciting stuff is happening inside the bank. You will see what's happening in the inside of the bank when you go to spin the reels.

The Action on the Reels

There are five reels and four rows where you will see the symbols that show you what's happening on this rather strange day at the gank. There are rich fatcat bankers who are clearly stealing as much as they can, while actual bank robbers are taking money right out of the vault! The bank tellers are angry and you can get some money for yourself while you play. You will sometimes see piles of cash that multiply your winnings and actually make your pot even bigger.

Playing the Game

The game board is full of shades of green, silver, copper and gold, all the colors associated with money. You may land on special symbols that reward you with bonuses, like free spins. These little extras are built into the game. All you have to do is play normally, and you might land on them. Bet from between Bet from between $0.40 up to $40 on every spin of the reel to choose how much you're going to risk..40 up to on every spin of the reel to choose how much you're going to risk.

Bonus Buy

At any moment when you're playing, you can activate the Bonus Buy feature. This allows you to buy spins and triggers a fast game mode where there are even more chances for you to win free spins and money.

Winning with Bankers Gone Bonkers Slots

Play this game and spin the reels to see where they will land and what they will end up bringing you. Bankers Gone Bonkers Slots has a fun and zany theme and the gameplay itself is not too difficult to comprehend.