Misfit Toyland Slots

Misfit Toyland Slots

Even in a magical place like the North Pole, everything doesn't always go perfectly. Mistakes can be made, defects can happen and as everyone knows, sometimes there are misfit toys. These are toys that weren't put together properly in the first place, for one reason or another, and now they're a little bit odd. In Misfit Toyland Slots, you will get to see many misfit toys. This is a colorful, fun, holiday-themed game. After all, you want to get free money and presents in June just as much as you do in December!

Visiting Toyland

This game will take you into Toyland, a magical place in the North Pole. This is where all the misfit toys end up, in fact. You will see cute, decorated trees in the background, set on a snowy landscape. If you've ever seen the old claymation holiday specials that used to come on TV every year, you will definitely recognize the look of this game. The design very much brings those old, classic holiday specials to life and this game brings a lot of fun to your day.

Meeting the Toys

You will find the toys when you spin the reels of the game. here are five reels in total. Each reel is split into three sections. This is where you will find all the misfits who live in Toyland. You'll see a pink bottle of bubbles with a bubble wand...in the shape of a square! You will see little green soldiers dressed as business professionals with briefcases, rather than being armed for battle. There are square basketballs, nutcrackers who are missing their pants, cowboys riding pigs instead of horses.

Lighting Up the Board

When you see the jack-in-the-box, it's time to rejoice. This is the wild symbol and this symbol makes it much easier for you to get a win. When you make a match on the board and win, everything lights up. The multicolored lights around the board will light up and give everything that holiday look.

Playing with the Toys

These toys really just want to be played with. And when you spin the reels and play this game, that's just what you'll do. Place a bet from a minimum of Place a bet from a minimum of $0.30 to $30. Spin the reels and see how much you end up winning As you play, you'll develop your own betting strategy and you'll get to see all the fun, colorful misfit toys.

Have a Holiday Playing Misfit Toyland Slots

It's always the holiday season when you're playing Misfit Toyland. Give yourself the gift of extra money and fun by playing this fame and make every day feel more like a holiday.