Mythic Wolf Slots

Mythic Wolf Slots

There is something romantic and mysterious about the moonlight. ​Mythic Wolf Slots is all about the mystery and magic of the moonlight. Here, you can potentially harness the power of the moonlight and use it to make lucky things happen for you. 

The Land of Wolves

In Nature, there are some animals that are active at night. These are often the hunters of the animal kingdom. They use the cover of darkness to get close to their prey. Wolves are among the fiercest of nature's hunters. They are graceful, beautiful creatures This game honors the mystic qualities of the wolf in a game that's all about them. That's why this game takes you into a beautiful natural landscape. There is a calm lake before you and a night sky filled with stars beyond. Here, you will make your own magic.

Finding a Mystic Experience

Step into this world of moonlight and you will find five reels that have three rows. This is where you will see full moons, silver coins and many different kinds of wolves, along with familiar letters and numbers. Everything on the game board is bluish or silvery in color. This makes everything look like it's been touched by the moonlight and it makes everything look beautiful.

Making Things Happen

Of course, it all gets really beautiful when you're actually winning the game. To make that happen, you will place a bet on every spin you make. Place a bet from Place a bet from $0.50 to $25. Within this large range, you make all kinds of choices about how much to risk and how big of a reward you want to get when you win. Bigger bets will lead to bigger wins, but you also want to keep playing for as long as you can so you'll want to bet wisely. Do it well and you can win big money playing this game.

Big Opportunities

As you play, you will notice special symbols that can change things up a bit. One of the wolves might be a huge multiplier, for example, which greatly increases your winnings. You will also find wild symbols that make it easier for you to get a win. The more you spin, the more of the game you will discover.

The Fun Magic of Mythic Wolf Slots

This game is fun and entertaining but it's also a little bit mystical and magical. Mythic Wolf Slots is all about the mystery and majesty of wolves and the moonlight. What will you find here?