Wrath of Medusa Slots

The legend of Medusa is one of the most famous Greek myths. You probably know who Medusa is, even if you don't know anything else about this famous and ancient legend. Medusa is a fierce and frightening creature. She is so powerful and fierce that she can fell an enemy with just one glance. Wrath of Medusa Slots puts you in the middle of a battle with her. While the hero battles this fearsome monster, you will search for the riches she keeps in her cave. Let them battle. You'll walk away with the riches and the glory.

Into the Cave

In Wrath of Medusa Slots, you will be taken into Medusa's cave. It is legend that if you look at Medusa, if you see her face, you will turn to stone. She is alive and well and battling a legendary hero when you enter the game. As you play, you will see the two squaring off against each other. But your mission is not to battle. Your mission is to find all the riches the Medusa has hidden here.

Hunting for Treasures

There are three rows and five reels where you will discover the wonders of Medusa's cave. You will find weapons left behind by those Medusa has defeated, along with weapons like arrows and shields. You will find ancient and ornate clay jugs, an art form for which ancient Greeks were known. You will find all sorts of riches on the reels and hopefully, you will make many matches so that you can get winnings for yourself.

Watching the Battle

Meduas and the hero are part of the game world. They will appear on the reels and sometimes, they will even take over an entire reel. You will see Medusa strike out at the hero and the hero attempts to battle Medusa and sometimes, their battle even spills onto the reels, too.

Choose Your Destiny

You will decide how much you water when you spin the reels and this is how you will choose your fate. Go as low as Go as low as $0.20 or place a bet up to the maximum of $20.Within this large range, you will decide how much you risk and how much you win. You will stage your own battles against the reels of the game and hopefully, you will be victorious.

Become a Winner with Wrath of Medusa Slots

Are you brave enough for Wrath of Medusa Slots? Face the wrath of this legendary monster and try to take the treasures from her cave.