Bigger Cash Win Slots

It's known all over the world that Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places on Earth. It is a city full of light and action. It's full of gorgeous buildings and gorgeous people. And perhaps most exciting of all, it's full of money! Bigger Cash Win Slots puts you right in the middle of Las Vegas and it gives you the action and excitement and big money possibilities you expect to find here.

On the Strip

On this game, you will find yourself standing right on the Las Vegas Strip. This is one of the most famous streets in the world because it is full of tall, elaborate buildings and it's one of the most brightly-lit places you can hope to find anywhere. There are piles of cash in front of you and in the background, some of the city's most famous casinos. The game board itself is front and center. This is where you will try to make your fortune.

Making Your Fortune on the Slots

You are standing right in front of a slot machine. It's surrounded in gold and has a rich blue background. There are three reels and where the symbols will line up across three central pay lines. This is where you will see a lot of classic symbols, images that have been associated with slots games for many decades. You will see lots of bright red pairs of cherries, shining gold bars, the lucky number 7 and piles of cash. It all has a very classic and very Las Vegas look. 

The Bonus Wheel

When certain symbols appear on the reels, it could trigger a little mini-game. The bonus wheel game is pretty easy to figure out. The wheel spins around and sometimes, might land on a prize like money or free spins. You could trigger this at random at any time, so you're never in control of when this bonus game occurs. What you do control is how much you bet. Place your bet from Place your bet from $0.25 to $15 to ultimately choose your destiny and your path..25 to to ultimately choose your destiny and your path.

That Vegas Excitement

Everything about this game is made to give you not just the look and feeling of Las Vegas, that excited energy and all the winning possibilities. You will get the colors, the lights, the energy and the feeling of Las Vegas. You will also get all the big possibilities to win lots of money, and isn't that why you gamble in the first place? Everything good about Vegas is captured here.

Win Big with Bigger Cash Win Slots

Spin the reels, watch the symbols and see if you win big playing Bigger Cash Win Slos. You never know when you might get a big win. Surround yourself in the excitement and thrills of Vegas.