Fantasy Fortune Slots

Fantasy Fortune Slots

The medieval period of history is truly like no other time in human existence. This was a time of knights and chivalry. People did not eat dinner, they had a feast. It is at this time that Fantasy Fortune Slots takes you, a time where you can be a hero or a villain. You might win enough money playing this game to be anything you want to be!

Fantasy World

You will know right away that you have entered a fantasy realm when you're playing this game. There is a beautiful castle, all lit up with candlelight, in the background. You will also see a mountain, dark and ominous. The sun is setting and the sky is painted in shades of rose pink, orange, purple and blue. You might even see a shooting star in the emerging evening sky. You will definitely see the two huge dragons on either side of the game board. These dragons are not breathing fire. In fact, their mouths are full of glittering gold coins!

Spinning the Reels of Fate

The game board itself is full of more images and beautiful colors, designs that help to really create this amazing world that you will find yourself in. The five reels are divided into three rows where you will find unicorns, crowns, goblins, heroic knights and beautiful ladies. You may see a castle, a golden goblet, maybe a wizard or sorceress. ​There are many symbols on the game that can trigger a win and some that can make other things happen.

Into the Castle

When you see the opening doors you may end up triggering a mini-game that will take you into the castle you can see in the background of the game board. The mini-game will ask you to choose doors and different paths you can take through the castle. You might even discover a treasure box full of gold! This is a fun and interactive mini-game.

Preparing for Battle

You are the adventurer in this story. ​That's why you're the one who will choose how much to bet on every spin of the reels. You can start at the minimum of just You can start at the minimum of just $0.20 if you want but you can take your bet up from here all the way to a maximum of $20, if you're feeling more bold. Choose your bets wisely and come up with a strategy that works for you so that you end up winning more than you lose. 

Find Your Fortune with Fantasy Fortune Slots

Go into a medieval world that is full of dragons, magic and treasure. Play Fantasy Fortune Slots to see if you can win big and find your own fortune.