Witches of Salem Slots

You won’t be scared when you see these three beautiful witches on the Witches of Salem slots. This 5 reels, 3 rows, 243 playlines video slots game from the Rival Powered casino software company will have you casting spells to bring you the biggest jackpots. But who exactly where the “Witches of Salem” and why has their story never been told. Well, way back in American history, during the months of February 1692 until May 1693 the state of colonial Massachusetts found thirty people that were guilty of witchcraft and were convicted during the Salem witch trials. All the arrests of the witches were made in the town of Salem, and it became known as the deadliest witch hunt during the early years and history of colonial America. Back then people were able to prove the existence of convicted witches and other supernatural phenomenon. Once the trials were started many people were accused of witchcraft and some of the accused were young girls. Now you can cast your own spells to riches when you play Witches of Salem slots and watch all those jackpots come your way. Whether you believe in witches or not, you’re going to love these three sexy witches.

What to expect when you see Witches of Salem slots

This game is all about sexy witch sisters: a brunette, red head, and the blond. When you fly your broom over to this game you will see that it looks haunted but full of mystery and luck. The game setting takes place in a haunted village in the night with a full moon, houses and a sign that says Witches of Salem. You will see an animated and illuminated fog at the base and light on in the window. On the reels you will find everything you could imagine that witches from colonial America would have like frogs, black cats, pot of potion, crystal balls, an apple with a bite, and the three witches. You will also see the typical card symbols like the J, Q, K, and the Ace. You can play this game on your computer browser or if you like you can play on any mobile device that supports iOS or Android. The music and sounds are also dramatic and add to the overall theme.

How to play Witches of Salem slots

This game may look and feel like it’s haunted, but it is easy and fun to play for all levels of slots players. On the bottom right is the menu button with the paytable and settings. Then there is the player balance amount, the win amount window, the bet amount selector, and the spin button to the right. You will also see the auto play button on the top for when you want the witches to bring you all the winning combinations.