Reel Crime: Stealing Christmas Slots

When you think of Christmas, you might think of decorated trees, Santa Claus, presents wrapped with bows. What you may not think about is the fact that thefts usually spike during Christmas. In Reel Crime: Stealing Christmas Slots, the burglars are active. Will you end up getting all the goods so they don't?

Stealing Christmas

In this game, you will find yourself standing outside a tall apartment building. It's a quiet, snowy night. The flakes are falling softly over the streetlamps and the brick buildings. Most people are tucked into bed but the thieves are prowling around in an attempt to steal whatever they can. Will you beat them to it?

The Symbols on the Reels

When you spin the reels, you will see items like tickets, toys, jewelry boxes and more. You might even see the thieves! Five reels are split into three rows. All the symbols you will see on the reels are colorful, highly detailed and create an overall look that's fun and cute.

When You Spin the Reels Around

As you play, you may see little things happening on the screen. Sometimes you may even see someone peeking thorugh the blinds, probably in search of Santa Claus. When you get a match, you will also see Christmas lights brighten up the reels. You might even see snowballs hit the board as you play. There is a lot of action and movement, lots of little extras that make the game feel more fun. You can always create that Christmas feeling when you’ve got this game.

Finding the Extras

As you play, you will also discover little extras on the reels that help you win. When you get certain symbols, you can win free spins that let you play the game for free. Sometimes, you may get a win so big you even send the thieves running. The lights, the colors, the movement of the game and the little snowballs all come together to create a fast and fun experience.

Have a Holiday with Reel Crime: Stealing Christmas Slots

Create your own holiday with Reel Crime: Stealing Christmas Slots. Any time you want, you can get into the spirit and create your own festive fun with this game. You don’t have to wait for Santa Claus to unwrap presents and get all the things you want for the holiday. In this game, it’s always time to celebrate and always time to have fun.