Smoking Gun Slots

The Wild West was truly one of history's most interesting times. These were the days of gunslingers and saloons, of settling problems at high noon in the middle of the street, of cowboys and outlaws and horses and dusty trails. The Wild West really was wild and everyone picked a side: the outlaw life, or the path of law enforcement. Where will you choose to walk when you play Smoking Gun Slots?

Wild West

This game puts you right in the heart of a western town. It is sunset, and the wooden buildings are casting long shadows on the street as you stand facing them. It is quiet. Too quiet. For inside these buildings and indeed, everywhere in town, there are outlaws and law enforcement officials. Rules are being broken and money changing hands and lots of fun to be found.

Looking on the Reels

You will find all the action on the reel, of course. There are five of them and three rows where the various symbols associated with this game will appear. You'll see all sorts of little things and people that create this wild world of the Old West. There are matched dueling pistols, of course, and cowboy hats. You will see sheriff stars, horseshoes and well-used spurs. You may even see some outlaws, saloon girls and lawmen while you are playing. Hopefully, you'll also see a lot of money.

Spinning to Win

Gambling was a favorite pastime in the Wild West, with some people making their fortunes by playing cards. You will also have the chance to make a fortune playing this game. Place your bet before every spin of the reels, choosing to wager between Place your bet before every spin of the reels, choosing to wager between $0.50 and $25. Within this large betting range, you control how much you will risk and ultimately, how much you can win. 

Bonus Symbols

As you play, you will find bonus symbols that make it easier for you to get the big money you're looking for. There are wild symbols that can increase your winnings. You can also get free spins that actually allow you to play for free, which is always a nice bonus. When this happens, you'll unlock a little mini-game where you choose wanted posters that determine which bonus symbols you will find on the board.

Hit a Hot Streak with Smoking Gun Slots

Play Smoking Gun Slots to test your luck and try your skills in this fun, Wild West-themed game.