Jack Frost Slots

There are plenty of legendary figures associated with winter. Santa Claus, of course, is big this time of year. But don't ever forget about Jack Frost. He's the one that brings the cold and causes the chill. He makes the ice and the snow that makes the winter season what it is. Meet this legendary winter figure in Jack Frost Slots and find out what presents you can expect to find when you do!

Winter Legend

This game takes you into a cold, snowy world. Above, the sky is purple and blue as twilight approaches Pretty snowflakes that look lacy and lovely are falling from the sky, adding to the blanket of winter snow that is already on the ground. The evergreen trees around you are decorated for the season and dusted with white. You will even see Jack Frost himself. He is many shades of blue and he is wearing his winter crown. After all, he is the king of the ice and snow that make the season what it is.

The Presents Waiting for You

when you think of winter, you might think of presents. Candy. Festive decorations. On the reels where all the symbols appear, you will find brightly wrapped presents, candy canes, pretty ornaments and some icy winter symbols, too. When the reels spin, all sorts of things might happen. Some of the symbols will disappear when you make matches, which allows new symbols to come in and gives you more opportunities to match up symbols and win money. Winter frost and blazing fire will battle each other and change the game board as Jack Frost battles his age-old enemy, Heat Miser. 

Heating Up the Reels

When you start getting wild symbols on the board, things will really start to heat up for you. These wild symbols make it easier for you to get a win and they make everything more exciting as you watch the frost and flames dance across the board. The animations, the movement, the winning possibilities make everything very exciting and fast-paced.

Betting on Yourself

There's one thing that's always true about winter: it ends. Jack Frost doesn't like this but it's good news for you, because that means Jack Frost can be beaten You will do it by betting on every spin of the reels. Bet wisely and choose your wager well so that you end up winning money, instead of losing. This is how you will defeat the winter and ensure that spring will come gain. Go as low as $0.25 or bet all the way up to $25. 

Get Winter Treasures with Jack Frost Slots

Head into the winter cold and heat up the game board with Jack Frost Slots. You might just get a hot streak and really heat up the board and become the new person in charge of winter...in this game, anyway!